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Chief Probation Officer
Shane Winn

500 Broadnax
Daingerfield, Texas 75638

Phone: 903-645-3166
Fax: 903-645-5560

The Morris County CSCD is a professional criminal justice agency that serves the public in Morris, Camp, and Titus Counties under the authority of the criminal judiciary system. Our main office is in the Morris County Courthouse. Offices are also located in the Camp County Courthouse and in the Titus County Courthouse Annex.

The CSCD serves the 76th and 276th Judicial District Courts and the Morris, Camp, and Titus County Courts in the supervision of offenders who were placed on probation. We are charged with enforcing the court ordered conditions of probation and provide the offender with a range of rehabilitative services and resources.

Probation is the supervised release of a defendant within the community in lieu of incarceration in jail or prison.

Our department is committed to protecting society serving victims and community and facilitating positive change in offender behavior through the use of evidence-based intervention strategies.

Our core values are: professionalism, respect, dignity, teamwork, integrity, and accountability.